Hi, I’m Spiro Dotgeek, and this is my new wargaming blog. I have a general blog that I host on my own server, but there’s a fairly large community of Blogger bloggers that I wanted to be able to join. This makes life a bit easier in that regard, and outsources the dealing of spam mitigation. 🙂

I’m in Wellington, New Zealand, and my local wargaming club is Wellington Warlords. A few of us have been getting into older, classic Games Workshop games such as Warmaster, Adeptus Titanicus, Mordheim, and others. We’re also using Epic 40K miniatures, but using the Future War Commander ruleset, which is brilliant.

Warmaster is possibly my favourite published game ever, and Future War Commander uses a similar command system.

Over the last few days I’ve been furiously painting more of my Warmaster Undead, so hope to get some pictures of the games and the figures up soon. This weekend at Warlords, I’ll be having a 2000 point game.