Another unit of French AWI minis done. This unit and another had been undercoated ready to go, but I’ve been getting sidetracked with so many other things that during an online game of Diablo with Jackstorm, he reminded me that he’s coming up next week! Crap! I better get something ready for him to take back home.

So these guys were done today.

They were undercoated initially with Stynylrez grey (I tend to use that or Vallejo Surface Primer as they’re polyurethane acrylics and they stick to anything and paint sticks to them very well). I had also done a light spray of white undercoat as I thought that’s what I was going to use as the white with a bit of a zenithal highlight, but it turns out Jackstorm wanted them to be shiny white.

Backpacks, faces, hands, and the drummer’s blue coat were done using C*tadel contrast paints. The white on these guys’ coats was AK Intense White which went over very nicely indeed. Next time I’ll try it right over the grey primer and see just how intense it is. These are new paints to me, but the white certainly didn’t look like it would need a second coat over the grey. But we’ll see with the lot after next.

This unit just had coloured cuffs, not facings or turnbacks, so they were quite a lot faster to paint than the English I did a while back.

The next unit is almost the same, but light pink facings and white splatterdashes. Touch wood, I’ll be able to finish that unit by the time he goes back home at the end of next week.

After those are done, I have four more units of his to paint, then I can get back to doing some of my own minis, including Wild West Exodus, Batman, and Warlord’s 15mm ACW.

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