AWI Commission, Part 3: Two More French Units

After finishing off the last unit and posting them here, I realised that the spec indicated the canteens should be brown/beige, so I painted over the default black on them. I found that the black underneath was actually a really good undercoat as in a few minis the bottle and the mouthpiece were distinct enough that I could leave a little line of black at the join and they looked a whole lot better.

Not quite as obvious on these particular ones I chose to snap here:

So this lot is done. That was “lot 3” which consisted of 4 units.

This is my part of the commission done on this unit, and Jackstorm over at Never Enough Marines (The Client) will finish them off by basing them and doing the flags. And possibly a dark wash over the clothes to fit with his other units.

Thankfully, these last two units were very quick to paint, so I managed to deliver them to the client before he flew back home. 🙂

The next lot is 5 more units, a few of which have bearskin hats. The spec wasn’t more specific. So I ask him, “were those black bears, brown bears, or polar bears?!?”

Turns out these ones were black bears. haha