Blogger’s notifications are spam-friendly rubbish

I’ve just noticed that Blogger doesn’t notify me of any comments to my posts. They must have at one point, but I’m not getting them any more.

I only noticed when I looked at a recentish post and noticed a spam reply. 🙁

And there was no way to delete the spam from the blog page itself. You have to go into the Blogger dashboard, select Comments from the sidebar menu, then wade through them, find the spam, and delete them from there.

Wow. It is utterly horrible.

I had considered moving away from Blogger a while ago, but stuck around because of the wargaming community here. But over the last few years, with so little miniature painting or wargaming that I’ve done, nobody knows who I am. Which is fine, but it means that I either drop the blog entirely or move to another platform which will get even less notice.

Personally, I’m not one for social media, and while I have a Twitter account, it’s not focused on wargaming. It’s just everything (and I haven’t used that in a while either). And Facebook, well, they’re unethical wankers and I won’t touch any of their software.

Do you have a Blogger blog?

If so, check your comments for spam. I guarantee you will have some you weren’t aware of.

Unfortunately it means we should be constantly checking the Comments page in the dashboard because Blogger is about as feature-packed as a potato.

Also, if you have any idea how to change the attached email address, I’ve love to know how.

I have mine configured with an old email address which must have been set up before Google bought Blogger. And I’m not able to change it, not even to the email address of my linked Google account.

It’d be really nice to change it.

Oh and while I’m at it, the post publishing date is a mess here. It has no concept of timezone. If I publish this now and leave the default date (which is current in my timezone), BLogger will publish it when it hits that time on their servers.

Yeah, it’s a complete mess. I think I will move away from here.