First game of Stargrave–and it was fantastic!

Today I went back to the local wargaming club–Wellington Warlords–and had the pleasure of being shown the Stargrave ropes by John, from over at The Daemon’s Claw blog.

And because Stargrave is the sort of sci-fi skirmish game that allows us to play with whatever toys we want, we played it with Judge Dredd minis. I played a crew of Mega-city One Judges, and John played a crew of Sov Judges.

My crew lined up at the table edge:

The crew were:

Captain Judge Smith – Veteran

Lieutenant Judge Judy – Psionicist




2x Sentries


2x Recruits

This is the board after deployment:

I’m not going to do a battle report because I didn’t write down what was going on, plus it’s possible that John may post one on his blog, and his are always very good.

So a few random pics.

My crew roster sheet
Captain Smith and buddies going for a data crate.
Ruh-roh. Pirates start turning up each round.
John’s Sov Judges host a BBQ.
BBQ to the left of us, BBQ to the right of us.
Lieutenant Judge Judy shot down from a long range gunner.
More pirates appearing.
I fire a smoke grenade to slow down the punishment I’m taking.
Yay! I rolled a 20 to hit. Oh, he rolled a 20 to save. Sigh.
Me legging it… Um, a tactical evac after we had retrieved the data from two data crates.
Leaving the Sov Judges to deal with the pirate threat.
My survivors.
John’s tactical withdrawl from the pirates.

This was a lot of fun.

As mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve ordered Stargrave and Quarantine 37, so looking forward to those showing up. And I’ll be going through my collection of 30mm sci-fi minis to see what I can muster for a crew of my own figures.

This is probably for sure going to replace Necromunda for me.