First successful 3D print! Vikings for Ragnarok!

I mentioned I recently got a 3D printer, and I’ve been working my way through the failures to try to get that first successful job. Well I just got it. 

Today in the mail I received a package from Grimfrost in Sweden, which included a lovely viking beard comb, a horn drinking mug, and a copy of Osprey’s Ragnarok! Can’t really go wrong with heavy metal combat in the Viking age! haha

And with that in mind, I needed some figures. I’d long sold off my Saga figures, so I needed something new. And with the power of a 3D printer at my command, I didn’t even have to wait for shipping or get up off my chuff to go visit a store.

I hopped on over to my favourite 3D printing site, and did a search. Out of all the very nice options, my first pick was this Shieldmaiden warband by Asgard Rising Miniatures.

The first two figures I attempted were the Shieldmaiden Chieftan Aidda with Gjermundbu helmet, and a Shieldmaiden warrior. And well, apart from a couple of post-production hiccups, they came out really well. All the bits were there, nothing was out of kilter, and they just came out great.

The issues I had were that the supports were so thick, I hamfistedly pried them off with a too-large pair of nippers, and lost a bit of Aidda’s hair tassel, a chunk off the front of her chainmail coat, and a bit off her arm where the shield fist joins. 

None of these should be too noticable, and as I say, they were post-production. The actual prints came out perfectly. My experiments led me to increasing the number of base layers and slowing down the normal layers another half-second from previous attempts. 

Enough of my rambling. This is them.

I think the photo doesn’t do them justice at this stage, but they’re glued together and tomorrow morning I’ll start painting them and see how they turn out, plus put more of the warband through the printer.

I’m pretty happy right now.

I raise my cup to Odin.