Where does our time go?

Earlier this year I started getting into Age of Sigmar with the Storm of Sigmar boxset. I feel that it’s a great system for skirmish games, and that prompted me to look at 40K when that was re-released.

I’m pleased to say that I really like 8th edition, and I like that the rules are also free. I haven’t found a reason to go out and buy the full rulebook because I just play for fun. I’m not sure that it would add any value to my games at this stage.

A couple years ago I sold most of my Legion of the Damned and Chaos minis, so this time around I have very few to play with. Basically it’s one carry case of LotD Marines, a dozen Necrons, a drawer full of Orcs, and a handful of misc Tyranids. Plus 2 squads of 7 metal Plague Marines which I have wanted to turn into a full Nurgle army for several years now.

But then there’s also Genestealer Cults. I friggin love me some Genestealers. So. Damn. Much.

Alas, my disposable income and the local price of GW minis here in New Zealand, means it will be about a year before I can have one full army of whichever flavour. And that’s just too long to wait.

So I’m very happy that this edition plays well as a skirmish game. I can take one or two units and get playing much sooner.

I’ve always wanted to field an army of Imperial Fists, but have never been happy with my attempts at the yellow armour. So recently I pulled out a few unpainted lego marines (you know the click together cheapies) and tried out a few paint schemes, trying various shading techniques and colours, and still not sure I’ve got it down how I want it. I like this one in the foreground, and maybe that’s how I’ll settle on a whole unit.

My other WIP unit is a squad of Chaos Cultists. I got these guys because they’re fantastic miniatures and they’re reasonably priced (i.e.; stupidly cheap by GW standards) at NZ$17 per pack of five. They will complement my Plague Marines, and at some point I will have to get a force commander, but not sure what I want yet.

I showed the new Battle Primer free rules to a guy at work. He has some Orcs he bought cheap years ago and has never played. When he looked into it around 7th edition, he balked at the rules (having a family with one recent addition this wasn’t practical or realistic), so shelved the idea. When I showed him the new rules, he couldn’t stop talking about it. Eventually another guy whose dad used to play Fantasy Battle, but has himself always preferred science fiction, jumped on the idea. He ordered himself a small army of Necrons from an online auction.

Word got around, more and more people started talking about it and now I think there are seven people around the office who are keen on playing. One just bought a huge Tau army pro-painted for super cheap. In fact, there were so many models and postage was going to cost so much that he drove 5-6 hours across the country each way to go pick them up personally.

Another guy has gone to Australia and is going to get one of the starter boxes while there.

So it seems that GW are making moves in the right direction. Now if only they’ll bring their prices down to be saner. NZ$75 for the new (plastic) Primarch models? Um, that’s over 10% of the average weekly wage in this country.

And for that reason I’m going to be buying the cheaper lego versions of their models when I buy new, or I will be looking at the second hand market. 🙂

Has this edition motivated you to jump (back) on? Or jump off? What do you think of the concise rules?