Got My Climbing Gear On for Lead Mountain

Starting this blog was me putting on my big boy trousers and making a concerted effort toward getting my minis painted. In the last week, I’ve managed to get a fair few Warmaster skeletons painted. Of course, not finished, but most have paint on them now and look far more respectable than they did two weeks ago.

And today, thanks to Planet Ares VI, I discovered Chris’ Miniature Woes. Chris has recently started a group project called The 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge, in which for 6 months, he and others will aim to post weekly updates of their painting efforts.

As far as omens go, that’s about as good as I’m going to get. 😉

I’m joining in the challenge, and I have a bunch of minis that are unpainted or half painted that I aim to get through. I’ll just list them here for now, but as I get through them I’ll post updates (before and after if I remember). There are so many that I can break them down into genre…


  • Warmaster Undead. Currently most are a fair way through, but I still have a few unopened blister packs that I’m going to get done.
  • Warmaster Chaos. Having just purchased a few of these recently, I’m going to aim to finish those that aren’t, and possibly repaint some of them too.
  • Mordheim Ratmen warband. Mostly painted from when I was playing years ago, but need to finish off the stragglers.
  • Mordheim Witch Hunters (I think). Completely unpainted, but seeing as Rob and I will be playing the game soon, I should get motivated to paint them.

Science Fiction

  • Marhaf Legion from Plasmablast Games. These are 6mm sci-fi models that I am going to use for Future War Commander. Plasmablast Games is possibly my favourite maker of 6mm sci-fi minis, and the latest Marhaf Legion are so exquisitely detailed. 
  • Progenitor from Plasmablast Games. I have a lot of Progenitor, and they’re great models. Most are painted, but I bought a bunch of infantry a while back and need to get those out and painted.
  •  Chuhuac from Loud Ninja Games. A while back, Eli of LNG ran a Kickstarter campaign so that he could get his 15mm space lizards made. And holy cow, they are some stunning miniatures. Sadly, however, I haven’t had the time to focus on any 15mm sci-fi gaming, so put these on the back burner. And that’s partly why I haven’t supported his latest Kickstarter for his Yan’Drassi models. I’m hoping he has some left afterwards though, because they look really good.
  • Spaceships from Zandris IV. Been a while since I touched these minis, and it’s been a while since I’ve played Full Thrust. I’m hoping that before the 6 months are up, at least one of these will have happened.
  • Epic Space Marines for Future War Commander. A donated army that I should finish as a fitting tribute to the Emperor.


  • Saga Anglo Danes. These are probably 60% done, but they’ve sat unfinished for a year. About time I finished them off. 
  • DBMM 20mm Greeks. I ended up with a mix of 28mm and 20mm, so will probably just stick to the 20mm for the time being.
  • DBMM 20mm Romans. Thanks to the kind souls at my local wargaming club, I had a bunch of Romans donated. Need to get cracking on these.
  • DBMM 20mm New Kingdom Egyptians. Another donated army, and thankfully mostly finished. There are, however, a bunch of chariots that are still on the sprues.

Wow, OK, that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more. Now you see why I need to get onto this?  Thanks Chris for the inspiration and letting me jump on board. It seems this is just the kick in the bum that I needed. haha

6 thoughts on “Got My Climbing Gear On for Lead Mountain

  1. Warlord Titans followed by Salty Lew's Chaos Warmaster Army for me. Thats when I'm not glued to the TV or chained to the kitchen sink of course…..

  2. Rob! I forgot to mention the Titans, but I guess they can be rolled into my Epic Space Marines. I have, however, been busy the last couple of nights painting up the rest of my Forgeworld Warmaster buildings. Nearly done.

  3. No worries on the Chuhuac. They will keep.

    As for the Yan'drassi, like the Chuhuac they are going to go into regular retail after the Kickstarter so there will be every opportunity to pick some up.

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