Osprey Wargame Releases for 2015

Osprey have published a list of wargame titles coming in 2015.

I’ve recently bought copies of Dux Bellorum (Arthurian/Dark Ages; AD 367-793), Ronin (Age of the Samurai), and On the Seven Seas (Age of Piracy c.1500-1730).

Haven’t really had a chance to go over them yet, but I had a quick browse through Dux Bellorum, and I must say, I really like what I see. The  fact that they’re all only 64 pages long really appeals to me, as I like to play a variety of different games, and frankly, such a small book is far easier to consume. In my old age, larger rulesets just don’t get the attention they deserve.

The Osprey Wargame (OWG) books are fantastic in this regard. As I play them, I’ll post reviews up here, but no promises as to when that’ll be. 🙂

Anyway… Of the forthcoming titles that appeal to me in particular are a fantasy skirmish game called Frostgrave, and possibly their other naval game, Fighting Sail, which is listed as “fleet actions” c.1775-1815.  Then there’s Black Ops (Tactical Espionage), which, OK I admit, that sounds pretty great too.

I wholeheartedly approve.