Painting Commissions

I paint toy soldiers on commission.

I’m based in Wellington, New Zealand.

If you’d like an army painted for reasonable rates, whether it’s 6mm to 32mm, or even larger vinyl/3D printed models, please get in touch.

For the most part I do “table quality” but can do character minis as well. Look below for some examples and through my posts on this blog, taking special note of the Commission category.

Table Quality

These miniatures are done with “block colours.” In other words, each colour is “flat” with no highlighting. However, these days, with contrast paints, it’s possible to get high detail areas looking like they’ve had highlighting with one “flat” wash.

Large smooth areas don’t benefit from contrast paints, but smaller minis with high detail areas like shirts or fur do very well.

Ballpark cost: NZ$8-10 each mini

Here are some examples of “table quality” minis I’ve done:

Silver was added to the muskets after the photo was taken
Yup, these two are table quality thanks to contrast paints 🙂

Character Quality

The next level up is character quality. More attention to detail is given here, including layers of highlighting. These won’t be Golden Demon winners, but they will stand out on the table.

Ballpark cost: NZ$25 each mini

Some examples include:


The base painting rates for table and character quality miniatures include painting the models themselves. Additional extras you may purchase are:

  • mould line/flash removal
  • gluing/pinning multipart models
  • basing
  • flags

The more miniatures you have, we can work out bulk deals.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and work out a good deal for you.