Progress of the Warmaster Undead

This weekend I have a game of Warmaster organised. The plan is 2000 points, of which I’m going to play Undead. However, a few others are interested in playing as well, so I’ve prepped a 1000pt Dwarf force, and a 1000pt Chaos army.

The Chaos were a recent purchase, from a firesale at this year’s Call to Arms convention. Working on getting them up to scratch as well, but mainly been working on the Undead so far. Here are some progress pictures.

I started with a few units of archers, and tested a new painting style. Previous units were done by drybrushing bone over brown, and painting the weapons, hoods, cloaks, and instruments a leather colour, and then doing a brown wash over them. After that, I’d put a matte varnish.

Some time ago, however, I got hold of a tin of Army Painter’s quickshade lacquer. The darkshade version. Did a test of an infantry stand of undead and they came out great. Now I just paint the whole thing bone colour, touch up the weapons and instruments with brown, silver, and so on, rocks and stonework grey, and then coat the whole thing in quickshade. It’s like magic. They do have a gloss appearance, which I’m not fussed over at the moment. Maybe it’ll offend me later, and I’ll do a dullcote over it. But at the moment, they’re fine. And that lacquer seems much more protective than the crap I was using before.

So first off, here’s a close up of the finished archers.

I’ve coated the base on a couple of stands in quickshade as well as a test, and to hold the basing material in, but it turned out a bit dark. I guess I’ll try something else for the other stands or just give it a light brown drybrush and see how that looks. But I think the flock grains are a bit too big for this size miniature.

Anyway, here are the rest of the progress pictures. I’ll post up more when they’re all done.

9 thoughts on “Progress of the Warmaster Undead

  1. Take a brigade of skellies archers, (4 units) and arrange them in lines in a big E shape, the prongs of the E pointing in your shooting direction – you can get 4 units all shooting forwards over a narrow frontage… jolly sneaky – generally frowned upon as unsporting… at least it was back in the 'old world' !

  2. haha. Never seen or tried that. I must say, I find archers really crap, so only take enough to meet the minimum for the list. The game I'm playing this weekend is Undead vs. Undead, so we'll see how that pans out.

    Do you have a Warmaster army? Or Battle of the Five Armies? I think the latter was the name of the 10mm(ish) LotR GW game, wasn't it? I'd love to play the latter some time. I'm all for small figure scale, large army scale. 🙂

  3. I think coz the skellie archer units were so cheap, you could take a heap of them in brigades and shoot your way across the table… it does look a bit naff, and not really 'in the spirit of the game'… but it did come up at a tournie I went to way back when…

    I've got about 4000pts of Orcs and 4000pts of Elves for Warmaster… (I never bought the BoFA game)… Havent played in years, but have them stored and still have the rules…

    Only thing I don't have much of anymore is suitable 10mm scale terrain…

  4. Wow, you were serious. I only had a couple of friends who played, and when GW announced they were pulling it and had a half price sale, I bought a bunch of Undead to boost my army up, but I think I probably only have about 3000pts total.

    I did, however, score a small Dwarf army, and bought what I think amounts to about 1200-1500pts of Chaos at Call to Arms.

    Most of my 6mm terrain would be suitable, such as felt bits and trees, plus I have a corner piece that was an ex-GW terrain piece, and a few of the Forgeworld buildings.

    If you want to play again, you're more than welcome to make the trip out to my place, or I can box up my terrain and bring it out your way. Or if you've moved on, then equally happy to bribe you for your armies. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I really liked the game… it really needed lots of troops, played in waves for it to be a good scrap… 1000-1500pts can be over quick – first side to get a serious charge in first tends to win… bigger games are far more interesting!

    Happy to play again 🙂

  6. I'd really like to see Warmaster rules, merged with HailCaesar and used for LOTR in 28mm… would be interesting to see what the BoFA rules were like, but as I said I never bought it…

  7. There was a Warmaster Ancients system, which I've always wanted to look at. Here's a link that shows it:

    I still haven't got round to reading Hail Caesar in its entirety because I have too many other things I read every day, so get sidetracked a lot. And then I end up having to start reading from the start again by the time I pick it back up. haha

    Hail Caesar, from what I can see, dealt with the potential infinite moves by only allowing one command roll and that determined whether you moved once, twice, or thrice. It's hazy though.

    I'll see what I can do about beefing up my Warmaster forces to a more respectable 4000 points. I foolishly started searching for official models on eBay, but then I realised that undead and dwarfs should be easy to find from other manufacturers. So I'll save up some dosh and do that. It'd be nice to get a few of us together over the Christmas break or a long weekend and make a day or a whole weekend of it.

    Do you know of anyone who has made Warmaster lists for LotR factions? If so, then maybe something as simple as bigger bases and changing centimetres to inches would make for a good 28mm game. My guess is you'd blu-tac your single figures onto a temporary larger base for that sort of game?

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