Rebasing some Warmaster minis

My collection of Warmaster Undead is fairly large. I bought a few thousand points worth myself when they were available in the stores and I have picked up a couple of collections since.

One haul netted me figures from two very distinct collections. One set were beautifully painted and based, and the others were… well… less so.

I call this latter lot the Kibble Collection, partly because it looks like they were based with crushed kibble–glued down with a hot glue gun no less. The heat from this and possibly from the modeller wiping the metal part of his or her glue gun on the bases, many have warped and bent and have sections that look like they’ve been melted.

Perhaps they have journeyed for centuries through the Chaos Warp. The result looks like a dog’s breakfast. Hence the name.

Because I have so many minis to play with though, and when we do play it’s rarely over 1000 points, I figured it was high time to do something about them. It was time to rebase the Kibble Collection.

Here are the photos of the start of the work. Dave helped me by cleaning the strips after I had mauled them off the bases. He helped me finish them off last night. The next step will be to order some new bases and mount them. Phwoar.


You see what I’m dealing with? haha