Rumours of a Re-release of Space Hulk

Bell of Lost Souls have some info on rumours of what is suspected to be a re-release, or a new edition of Space Hulk.

Going by that, and going by the comments — one of which seems to indicate that s/he has already pre-ordered it — odds are good that this is truth, or some variant thereof.

In 2009, the world got the 3rd edition, which happened to fall on the 20th anniversary of the game. Now, five years later, the likelihood of GW cashing in on the 25th anniversary must be too good to resist.

So my first question is, will this be a new edition, or a re-release of 3rd?

I’m going to lay a dollar on it being a new edition, because, well, GW like to do that. The next question is, will I buy it?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I’d like to because I’m an addict, but the reality is, it’ll probably cost about NZ$250. The 3rd edition was something like $170 or $190 (maybe it was the former and Dreadfleet was the latter), and five years later, $200 doesn’t seem enough of an increase. One of the prices mentioned was US$125, hence why I figure they’ll just double it for New Zealand, even though our exchange rate is very good compared to the US dollar.

But even at NZ$200, that’s a huge chunk of change, especially for something I can pretty much do now already. I’ve never owned a copy of Space Hulk myself, but I do have Space Crusade, so I have the basic minis. Plus I have more Marines and Genestealers, so that’s not an issue. Making up hulk deck plans is pretty straight forward with graph paper, or with art taken from the web and printed out.

The most I’ve ever paid for a board game is about NZ$120, and even then, I cringe when I see something over $80.

My shelves are full of over priced board games that hardly ever get played. The less they’re played, the less their value is to me. Maybe that’s the clincher, if you’re going to play this a lot, then it might be worth the money, but the reality is, no matter how much I’ll want to, I just won’t. Even at NZ$100 I’d be humming and harring over the purchase.

What’s its value to you? Is US$125 good value for money? If you’re in New Zealand, how much would you fork out for it?

Or do you think we’re being misled and the release is something else entirely?

4 thoughts on “Rumours of a Re-release of Space Hulk

  1. The rumour is heard was that it's an updated release of the last one, with extra missions and counters, which would be a pain as I already have the last one!

  2. Cool! I haven't seen any write-ups of the new release and the new missions, but I've kinda been out of touch with things the last couple of weeks. Had you played this edition when it was last released, or is this edition new to you?

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