I’ve taken on another commission, this time painting 20mm British forces from the American War of Independence. The lot here on the painting table are probably about an 8th of what I may end up painting for the owner.

From a quick search on Plastic Soldier Review, these look to be the IMEX British Redcoats. Although, I’m not sure what happened because the owner doesn’t have any of the standard bearers. So there are some of these models that I am going to drill out the rifles and replace with brass rods, which he will add standards to later.

The unpainted models here are the ones that will be converted to standard bearers.

I’m amazed that they didn’t need washing before taking paint. I used very thin primer designed for airbrushes at this scale, so it will take a couple of coats, but it’s great because this undercoat allows all the detail of the models to come through–especially important for me at this scale.

I was a bit worried because some 1/72 plastic miniatures I’ve painted before have been so heavily coated in oil that I ended up resorting to the very thick GW Foundation paints. Very glad these took the thin paint so well.

More to come as I progress.