Unboxing Battlesystems terrain and GMT’s Genesis wargame

This is my latest Youtube video, which has an unboxing of Battlesystems‘ 28mm cardboard modular terrain, plus we build some of it up, and unbox GMT GamesGenesis.

Other than that, I recently finished a commission for some 15mm Aliens models (74 of them in total), which I’ll get photos of soon and post up, but that’s bumped up my high score for the year, and it’s been a while since that was updated.

Thanks for checking this out, and sorry I have been lax in posting over the last few months. It’s coming up to summer now, so the garage is warm enough for me to sit in.

Please subscribe here and/or my Youtube channel if you like what you see. The Youtube channel will definitely be getting many more videos over the summer break–yes it’s coming up to summer in the southern hemisphere. 🙂 There are many other videos on my Youtube channel that don’t get posted here, so I encourage you to check them out too. The link is here:

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One final note, please check out my friend Mark. He has a long running blog called Kiwi Colour Studio, which is fantastic (he’s a brilliant painter), and he’s recently started a new blog called The American Civil War in Miniature. This is a period I’ve always wanted to start gaming in, so maybe now with his inspiration I might get motivated. Even if you’re not into that period specifically, he’s got some incredible minis that will inspire you, plus he recently did a series on making cornfield terrain. It’s really good stuff and well worth checking out.