Warmaster Revolution v1.0 Released!

Warmaster Revolution has hit v1.0 and been released to the world!

WMR is a mighty tome combining Warmaster, the updated rules in Warmaster Ancients, plus siege and campaign rules. This amazing work was brought together by Aleš Navrátil and the Czech Warmaster community.

Plus you’ll notice my name in the special thanks section for help editing it. 🙂

I’ve been starting to clean up some of my many many undead forces, and want to start painting up the Chaos force I have and get some games in because as you may have guessed, I love Warmaster a lot!

2 thoughts on “Warmaster Revolution v1.0 Released!

  1. Not sure, but all distances are in cm for 10mm, so multiply by 1.5 maybe? Mind you, having said that, if the base sizes are the same, just with fewer figures, then no need to change anything. In Warmaster the bases are all 40x20mm and typically 3 stands to a unit.

    Except for the exceptions.

    We could give it a go with a few units and see how it plays.

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