Weekend Warmaster

Dave and I played some more Warmaster over the weekend, and a couple more games a few days ago.

We were initially planning on switching to Hail Caesar, but decided to stick to Warmaster a little longer, and I think we’re at the point where we’re nailing all the niggly things, such as multiple combats, and the moving, pursuit, and fallback moves.

The other day we played a couple of games, first starting with a 1000 point game, and then trying to get in a 2000 point game later in the evening. We were getting tired late into the 2000pt game, and that ended when Dave killed my general.

Yesterday’s game–back to 1000pt Undead vs Undead while we come to grips with it again–went very well, and was a very narrow victory for Dave. We decided to cut down the width of the table as well, to about 4′. I think 4’x4′ is an excellent size for a 1000pt game.

One of the other great things we did was plonk a city right in the middle of the table with some lines of trees blocking visibility across the battlefield. Later in the game, I managed to lure his chariots into the city where he was surrounded by trees. Then I sent my archers in, and made him fall back into the trees, destroying the remains of that unit.

Very enjoyable, and now I think I’m remembering why I loved the game so much in the first place. I really should have taken pictures, but I guess I thought the games were just going to be run-of-the-mill trial and error games. As it turns out, they were so much more than that. So next time, I’ll make a point of taking photos regardless.

At some point in the near future we’re planning on taking other armies so that we can learn the Confusion rules. 😉