What happened in 2016?

Well, to put it frankly–zero.

I haven’t done any painting, or any wargaming this whole year. I have a couple of commissions that have been waiting patiently (and thankfully low priority) for me to get back into the game, but all I’ve done on one of them (for my good friend Jackstorm) is deflash the figures, stick them on popsicle sticks, and start undercoating them.

Life has been particularly interesting this year. Some ups, some downs, but many busies. And now with summer coming up, I’m going to get cracking and get onto some painting.. and some fixing.

We had an earthquake here recently, and one shelf full of toy soldiers took heavy casualties. Oddly enough the two shelves next to it looked like they didn’t move. But the one–and the one with my Warmaster minis & WWII 15mm Brits, plus some other misc scifi–took a dive. I was too sad to see what the extent of the damage was, so packed them all up off the ground, and will deal with them in a couple of weeks when work closes up for Christmas.

Here are a couple of pics to show what happened:

A bit heartbreaking, but all in all, we came out pretty well in this quake, so very thankful for that.

Perhaps the upside is that it’s motivated me to give the minis some attention.

Oh here are a couple more. Saga and 20mm ancients were among the casualties too.

And here is the total miniature work I have done so far for all of 2016:

Yup, that’s it. Sorry Dave.

I’ll get right on it.